Most people think of cars when they hear the name Mercedes. The image that springs to mind is that of a sleek and shining coupe, or a smart family saloon. But those who use the manufacturer for a different purpose will tell you that commercial mercedes van, Also makes a range of commercial vehicles that are popular with tradesmen around the country.

The ranges

commercial mercedes van

There are three main ranges of commercial mercedes van produced by the Mercedes stable; the Citan which is a small van with passenger seating, the Vito which produces a bigger type of vehicle including the panel van ( the Mercedes version of the transit van) and the unusual and extremely eye-catching Sport-X which combines the usual Mercedes good looks with all the practicality of a van.

Largest of the commercial mercedes van range is the Sprinter collection which includes a dropside van and a chassis cab for carrying containers.

Commercial Mercedes Van

These are only the tip of the iceberg as there is a full range of commercial lorry cabs produced by Mercedes. These have an excellent reputation in the truck community and you also see the Mercedes chassis being used to house quality horseboxes with living areas.

Basically, to excuse the pun, you could say that Mercedes produces commercial vans by the truck load.

What would suit me?

This would of course depend on the use you have for the vehicle. If you merely want a van as a run around to move light loads at weekends then one of the Citan family will suit your needs fine: in fact it will suit the needs of most small tradesmen who only need to carry a small amount of tools. If you need to cart larger pieces of equipment around with you then the Vito range is better as you will have far more space for all your equipment and any additions you may need to do the job. The Sprinter collection is designed for larger businesses and Sprinters are real workhorses. Of course if you want a van that will totally impress your clients and look good when you turn up at the golf club for a round on Sundays, then the Sport-X is a must have.

Things to look out for

Find used Mercedes vans via the internet by using the search facility on their website. In local newspapers or at local commercial dealerships. Wherever you buy from; Always make sure your van has a service history and that it has been serviced by a qualified Mercedes mechanic. This may sound petty; But a stamp in the book is worth far more if the work was done by a trained fitter at a dealership; this will also increase the resale value later on.

Make sure the van has been looked after; a battered van will probably haven’t treated with respect and the last thing you want is to be paying the bills for someone else’s negligence. Mercedes vans do not come cheap and are always in high demand. Buy the best you can afford and by looking after it well you will get your money back when the time comes to change it.