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What to Consider When You are Buying a Used Vehicle

used Mercedes A class for sale

In today’s tricky economic environment, it pays to be a bit more careful with finances. Consumers want to know that they are getting their money’s worth for any purchase. And it wouldn’t do to spend money on something that will cost you more in the long run; or something that won’t give you what you needed in the first place.

If you have been driving around in an older vehicle for several years, you may perhaps be thinking that it’s about time your vehicle is replaced. But if you are similarly thinking that a new model would be too expensive, you may want to look seriously at Mercedes A class for sale.

In the UK alone, there are thousands of Mercedes Benz cars for sale that are not only budget-friendly; they are sturdy, durable, and elegant as well. The trick is finding the right fit for your transportation needs and making sure that you are benefitting from a good deal as well. But there are some things you need to keep in mind when you have finally decided to go for a used vehicle.



An accredited dealer vs private seller

With an accredited dealer, you are assured of a warranty in most cases. A dealer will also make an inspection of the car, making sure that it is good enough to be sold. You will not be dealing with faulty engines and other factors, because a dealer will, more often than not, have an outside party do an inspection of the vehicle to ensure that it is in proper working order.

An inspection will not only check the vehicle’s engine; it also includes a check on the vehicle’s boot, bonnet, doors, window operation, and door lock. Also included is the interior specifications like the vehicle’s horn, wipers at the front and rear, and front and rear screen washers.

Most accredited dealers will offer a full service history, along with delivery and even financing options. Even if you don’t have enough of a budget to pay for the car all at once, a dealer will find ways to customise a payment plan for you. With a private seller, you will not get any of these things and above all, there is no warranty involved.


Used Mercedes A Class for Sale Pricing

Take note of the pricing of a used Mercedes A class for sale. The price is dependent on so many factors that it’s hard to say how much you can really expect to spend. But consider that the pricing depends primarily on the service history, the condition of the vehicle, its age and the recorded mileage. Even extra features such as sun visors; side airbags, alloy wheels, an anti-theft alarm system, automatic dimming mirror can affect the price.

At the end of the day; you want to be sure of what you purchase especially when it comes to a used Merecedes A class for sale. It is, after all, a major buy that will affect your lifestyle for years to come. But if you consider the two main aforementioned factors and get the answers you need; then you are on your way to making a good purchase with a good price.

Tom Van Cauwenberghe is a freelance writer with a keen interest in the automotive industry. He regularly writes reviews for newly-launched vehicles and previously-owned vehicles such as used Mercedes A class for sale.

Is Your Second Hand Car Worth Your Money?

purchase second hand car

Owning a car is a dream for many and if you can’t afford to buy a new one, second hand car are aplenty and a good car could save you a lot of bucks and at the same time give you the same luxury of a brand new car. However, there are some unsaid rules you must be aware of before buying a used car. Price comes last as buying a good used car at a reasonable price is better than buying a poor car at a low cost and shelling out every month for service.

Buying an automobile always brings along doubts and dilemma; mostly about the price tag and the priority for our favorite ones. However when it’s a used car the dilemma doubles. Here are few tips to give you a clear picture of what you must be looking in a used car.


Purchase Second Hand Car

  • Giving priority to your favorite cars, research a bit and do the math and reach to a conclusion over the prices of used cars and pick one that fits your budget.
  • Identify the premium dealers who sell second hand cars. Enquire about the dealers and their quality of service and compare the price tags of your car at various dealers. Also make sure the registration procedures are simple and to the point.
  • If you are purchase second hand car from a private individual then ensure that the owner has a clean driving record and the papers are all original. Get the help of a mechanic to make sure that the vehicle doesn’t have any hidden defects. Always try negotiating the price as buyers are less and sellers are more.
  • Before you choose to buy take the car for a test drive and assure yourself that you feel good. Check for engine noises, suspension, steering control, gear shift, clutch release and overall ride comfort. Make sure that you buy a car that you will fall in love with and not a car that you have to adjust with.
  • Finally when you arrive to the paperwork and payment process ensure that you get every single piece of the originals. Also a detailed registration report and slips mentioning payment received.


Questions To Ask The Dealer:

  • Accident history of the car. Had the car been involved in any accidents? If yes, what was the scale of damage? Has everything been taken care of? It would be better if you move on to another car with a clean ride history.
  • If the dealer displays only vehicles that have been certified fit by a qualified mechanic?
  • Is there a money-back option or return policy if the car doesn’t perform as claimed? Or an option to trade the car with another car of the same price range?
  • Does the dealer offer after-sales service?  Does the dealer provide limited number of complimentary services?


A list of technical aspects you need to inspect in a used car:

  • The belts and hoses under the hood.
  • Odometer. The less the number of miles the better condition the car is in.
  • The transmission fluid.
  • Tires. Ensure that the wheels are aligned.
  • Car chassis and the exhaust system. Ensure they are not rusted and damaged.

Which Mercedes van do I need?

Most people think of cars when they hear the name Mercedes. The image that springs to mind is that of a sleek and shining coupe, or a smart family saloon. But those who use the manufacturer for a different purpose will tell you that commercial mercedes van, Also makes a range of commercial vehicles that are popular with tradesmen around the country.


The ranges

commercial mercedes van

There are three main ranges of commercial mercedes van produced by the Mercedes stable; the Citan which is a small van with passenger seating, the Vito which produces a bigger type of vehicle including the panel van ( the Mercedes version of the transit van) and the unusual and extremely eye-catching Sport-X which combines the usual Mercedes good looks with all the practicality of a van.

Largest of the commercial mercedes van range is the Sprinter collection which includes a dropside van and a chassis cab for carrying containers.


Commercial Mercedes Van

These are only the tip of the iceberg as there is a full range of commercial lorry cabs produced by Mercedes. These have an excellent reputation in the truck community and you also see the Mercedes chassis being used to house quality horseboxes with living areas.

Basically, to excuse the pun, you could say that Mercedes produces commercial vans by the truck load.


What would suit me?

This would of course depend on the use you have for the vehicle. If you merely want a van as a run around to move light loads at weekends then one of the Citan family will suit your needs fine: in fact it will suit the needs of most small tradesmen who only need to carry a small amount of tools. If you need to cart larger pieces of equipment around with you then the Vito range is better as you will have far more space for all your equipment and any additions you may need to do the job. The Sprinter collection is designed for larger businesses and Sprinters are real workhorses. Of course if you want a van that will totally impress your clients and look good when you turn up at the golf club for a round on Sundays, then the Sport-X is a must have.


Things to look out for

Find used Mercedes vans via the internet by using the search facility on their website. In local newspapers or at local commercial dealerships. Wherever you buy from; Always make sure your van has a service history and that it has been serviced by a qualified Mercedes mechanic. This may sound petty; But a stamp in the book is worth far more if the work was done by a trained fitter at a dealership; this will also increase the resale value later on.

Make sure the van has been looked after; a battered van will probably haven’t treated with respect and the last thing you want is to be paying the bills for someone else’s negligence. Mercedes vans do not come cheap and are always in high demand. Buy the best you can afford and by looking after it well you will get your money back when the time comes to change it.

Keep in Mind it Before you Purchase The Car

Before Purchase The Car

Before purchase the Car Read these Instructions, I hope that it will help to you get clear idea.

First, decide what kind of car that you want?

Keeping in mind, choose a better future for your car.

Before you goes to a car dealer, study the current market value assessment.

Need to buy a car for your family, office and business purpose, think better to buying a suitable car for your requirement.

Investigate the engine power, seating capacity, mileage, security settings, AC cooling capacity and other technical specifications.

Before Purchase The Car

Make sure you choose the right car for your lifestyle.

If you don’t use your car too much, then you choose petrol car.

If you use your car much,  you choose diesel car.


Before Purchase The Car

Borrow to bank for buy a car, you carefully read the loan EMI details.

Choose the right insurance plan, because differ in some cars for insurance.

Want to buy an old car, before buy, the entire information about the car make sure.

Most of the cars comes with airbag facilities to nowadays.

The vehicle you drive safely in winter help you with special brakes.

Other high-quality security options on some cars (standard safety options) are found.

If you like to buy a car, that company’s service center is to be on near in your city, and you clearly ask your car company, may get in the future for your car parts?

Ensure that your Vehicle are comfortable, you can examine driving the car.